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Vače, Slovenia

The Early Iron Age complex of Vače lies above village Klenik in the western part of the hilly region of Posavsko hribovje. The features that belong to the complex are manly located on the western edge of the ridge Zasavska Sveta gora - highest peak is Ostri vrh (744 m). The Iron Age complex consists of a Hilltop settlement Zgornja krona and 9 different necropolises. Today, the area of Vače is remote and subpar conditions for agriculture are in striking opposition to the abundance of Early Iron age remains that were discovered in the area. The hillfort at Zgornja krona is situated on the seddle between Slemšek (677 m) and Špičast hrib (695) with both elevations included into the remains of an enclosure. The funerary areas lie along the western, southern and eastern slopes of the settlement. They consist of both flat and barrow graves that include inhumations and cremated graves, altough flat cremated graves are probably most frequent. Vače Iron age complex has become famus already in 1870s when some of the most prominent archeaologists from Austro-Hungarian state visited the area or were conducting their own excavations. The focus of first excavations was directed into funerary areas and into acquiring of finds that were excavated by locals. Later excavations in 1930s which were led by W. Schmid were conducted on the hillfort. Today we can follow the archaeological trail Vače organized by the association GEOSS - Geometrično središče Slovenije - The trail leads past most visible archaeological remains including an enlarged copy of the famous Situla (the original is displayed in National Museum in Ljubljana).

Vače, Slovenia



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