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Poštela, Slovenia

Complex of Poštela is situated on north-eastern fringes of the Pohorje hills. It consists of a fortified settlement which is located on the highest elevaton, under the hiltop settlement there was a flat cremation cemetery known as "Lepa ravna" and two saparete groups of burial mounds. Individual barrows were also present on the slopes of Pohorje, south of the settlement. Monumental Kos barrow is located on the flatlands, as is the large Barrow group in Pivola. In the vicinity (Hoče) in botanical garden of University of Maribor several burial mounds are located and are a part of a future (september 2019) archaeological park. The botanical garden is also showcasing Iron Age plants –
Tourists can enjoy Iron Age food in the nearby restaurant Pri Baronu -

Poštela, Slovenia

Pokrajinski muzej Maribor

other associated institution Botanical garden of University of Maribor;
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Archaeology
other associated contact;
Matija Črešnar:

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