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In the restaurant Stari Fenjeri you can pre-order and try an authentic Early Iron Age Menu.

Among many specialties from the local cuisine, guests can pre-order an authentic Early Iron Age menu. The dishes served are prepared outdoors and made from the ingredients that were used during the Early Iron Age on the site Kaptol, as archaeological excavations on the site have confirmed

Local cheese, pickled or fresh vegetables and smoked pork

Main dishes:
• Broad bean, millet and nettle porridge with bacon, cooked in a kettle
• Barley porridge with nettles, cooked in a kettle
• Wheat bread with flax and spices, baked under a baking lid Smoked trout
• Pork liver with apples, baked on a stone
• Pork belly coated in honey, baked on a stone
• Pork neck, roasted over an open fire
Drinks (per person):
• Aperitif, wine, fruit juice and “Turkish” style coffee/herbal tea

Purchase from
Krčma Stari Fenjeri
Turnić 2a, 34000,Croatia

For terms and conditions, please see the voucher or contact the restaurant.

Find the Iron Age Dinner Voucher at the selling points!

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