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Municipality of Posušje

Trg Grge Martića 30, 88240. Posušje, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Posušje is a municipality in the West Herzegovina County in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which covers an area of 461 km².  According to the last census from 2013, it has 20,477 inhabitants. The Iron Age in area of the Municipality of Posušje, geographically located in western Herzegovina, is manifested through several discoveries dating to this period. The hilly-mountainous relief has attracted human communities to this area since ancient times. It is believed that the Delmats lived in this area, in the fortified settlements and fortifications of which there are dozens. Fortifications were built around karst fields in dominant prominent positions that controlled the surrounding area.  Of the sites belonging to the Iron Age in the Municipality of Posušje, it is important to mention Vir, Petrovići in Rakitno…etc. The urgent need for more detailed research of these sites it is not only important for our municipality, but also for the wider region. The region holds great potential for cultural tourism, which is a segment that the Municipality would like to further promote as a part of the Iron Age Danube Route.  

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